Mitsubishi Electric has revolutionized cooling and heating
again, when we unveiled the newest members of our H2i™
family, the highly efficient MSZ-FH and PURY-HP models
with cold-climate heating performance.


Ductwork is inefficient, costly and soon to be a thing of the
past. The MSZ-FH family of Hyper-Heating INVERTER
residential systems offer year-round, high-efficiency cooling
and heating for bedrooms, basements, sunrooms and
more. Essentially, heat pumps are now a realistic option
for any home, in any climate.

"We liked this product because it was so simple and efficient. In high-performance buildings, you need to keep the mechanical system simple."

Jung Passive House, Michael Klinger, certified Passive House consultant, Holly, MI


Total zone control is now available in any climate with
the newest addition of the MXZ systems to the M-Series
Hyper-Heating INVERTER™ family. Heat and cool from
2 to 8 zones with only one extremely quiet outdoor unit.
A variety of indoor units that will fit any room application
will allow you to condition only the rooms you want
whenever you want. All of these systems are
ENERGY STAR® rated providing excellent energy
efficiency while possibly lowering your energy bill.

"We've specified Mitsubishi Electric systems for a number of years. The products are exceptional. The modulating capacity of the equipment is the perfect fit because it only needs to run at minimum speed to match the needs of the house. The equipment installs very quickly and we never have any problems with these systems."

PNC SmartHome Cleveland, Edwin Shank, Certified Passive House™ consultant, Oakwood Village, OH


It's below freezing outside? No sweat. The P-Series
Hyper-Heating INVERTER systems work to provide the
perfect temperature inside. It's all possible thanks to our
responsive INVERTER compressor and patented flash
injection technology. Even at 0° F, air-conditioning is
possible with our wind baffle accessory. These light
commercial zone solutions are perfect for any business,
place of worship or school in any region of the country.

"During the coldest months of the year, the Mitsubishi Electric split-ductless system has consistently maintained the temperature selected."

First Congregational UCC Reverend Neil D. Partington.
Lake Mills, WI


Add highly responsive multi-zone comfort to any building
project, in any climate. Our H2i R2- and Y-Series VRF
systems give you the flexibility to fit specific needs of
any building.

It doesn't matter if you're dealing with a historic building
renovation or new building construction; the system
components are compact for convenient application.

"We found this VRF system - two Hyper-Heating (H2iTM) INVERTER
outdoor units with 40 tons of cooling and heating - that would
immediately save us in monthly energy costs and drop the 300 amps
of electrical service demanded by the groundsource equipment."

Newfane Town Hall and Community Center,
Project architect William L. Henderson, Buffalo, NY

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